Anonymous asked:

ROBIN WAS SUPPOSED TO BE WITH BARNEY! TED WAS SUPPOSED TO BE WITH THE MOTHER!! IT ALL SUCKS!! (I'm sorry but I just have to say it god I'm still so sad over it. sorry I get so emotional. I like you. but not the ending TT_TT)

himym-life-lessons answered:

A lot of people share your pain dear follower (including myself) 

I hope that you ignore the disappointment of the last episode and in the future when you remember the show you can think of all the life lessons the show intended to teach.
Like the importance of having a good communication with your parents or knowing when to recognize when you have “graduation goggles” and that it’s never too late to try and follow your dream … and many others (that the writers seem to have forgotten) like the past being comfortable but its a mistake going back and that letting go of someone can set you free for better things, etc.